High waist jeans are back and are more popular than ever.
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High waist jeans are back and are more popular than ever.

10 fashion trends that made a big comeback from the 90s

Many trends you love or hate from the 90s are returning and are here for permanent …

The 90s was a revolutionary decade for fashion and denim overalls, style slippers or fluffy backpacks … Many trends you love or hate are returning and are here for permanent …

Here are the trends that made a big comeback from the 90s.

  • Slippers

In the 90s, you might have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t have these Adidas style slippers, and now the situation is expected to be the same. Models from Gigi Hadid to Suki Waterhouse have discovered slippers, and big brands like Gucci have already begun to turn to sporty style …

  • Animal backpacks

The 90s were full of cute accessories, including fluffy, animal-shaped backpacks. The trend is back on the Autumn / Winter podium where Philipp Plein was showcasing this teddy bear.

  • Large toothed buckles

Nowadays we use these hairpins to fasten our hair when we don’t want to get wet in the shower, but in the 90s these dolls were the most stylish stylish hair accessory and were noticed again at Alexander Wang’s Autumn / Winter ’18 show.

  • Bandanas

Bandanas were a versatile accessory that was indispensable in the wardrobe of the 90s. On the hair, around the neck, with the shirt … It was used in many styles, and the combinations were truly endless. And now they come back ambitiously!

  • Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts were perfect for wearing in the gym, and even figures like Madonna and Princess Diana were fans of the style. Recently, thanks to Kim Kardashian and Off-White, they have returned to fashion curves …

  • Cargo pants

There were a lot of pockets in cargo pants that met all our needs (usually velcro). And the camouflage pattern was always a plus point. The cargo pants that Bella Hadid wore with the jacket on her photo in New York is one of the biggest signs that the style is back.

  • Cat eye sunglasses

Exaggerated cat-eye frames really peaked in the 90s. Now, the style is more modern, as Selena Gomez is paired with a navy-shouldered dress.

  • Chain belts

These belts were the best flannel shirt and the 90s-era accessory worn with your favorite ripped jeans. Bella Hadid added a modern flair by pairing the nostalgic piece with pinstripe pants.

  • Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings were another accessory that was quickly adopted by women in the 90s. Today, they are usually worn under ripped jeans, as socks or with elegant high heels.

  • High waist jeans

High waist jeans are back and are more popular than ever. High-waisted baggy style street-style stars have become popular again, thanks to models like Gigi Hadid and clothing brands. Despite being the subject of fashion jokes, the pants never compromise on their popularity.